Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hold Your Love Like You Hold an Umbrella

Although this print is cutesy and references a popular children's book, I really intended for it to convey a message of love. The idea being that we should all carry around our love the same way we carry an umbrella in the rain. High above our heads, using it as a shelter, and ready to share it with someone who needs a warm and safe place to rest. There are many people - I am sure you can think of one or two - who hide under a ginormous umbrella of fear. They fend off the world with an enormously judgemental attitude and they relieve their own pain by spreading it to others. It can be really hard to want to share your umbrella with these types of people. But the next time someone annoys the poop out of you, just think of this sweet polka dot umbrella and two cute little mice sheltering from the storm of fear. I'm even going to give you a free print because I love you so much (check it out below - just click to download). It's a lot like the one above, but with a more grown up message. 

Enjoy! PS: Check out the advertisers and sponsors to the right and below this message and if you make a purchase through the link, I earn a little commission. I am hoping to earn some extra income so I can hire a sitter to watch my two little girls, while I work on my dream - writing a novel!

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Emmi said...

I have been going through your blog and just wanted to say that I really like it!

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Emmi! :)

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