Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Peace Cards + Summer Daydreaming

Hello, friends! So who watched Game of Thrones last night? Honestly, I did not see that coming and my mind is running rampant speculating over who the culprit was. I'll shut up though - no spoilers here.  
Anyway, made a new print over the weekend! This print is meant to remind you of the calming and relaxing nature of the ocean. I love the water and am so excited that we're getting closer to summer time. What does that mean? It means flip flops, beach hats, and sunscreen. We'll be traveling to the coast this summer with two young kids in tow. 

I'm really looking forward to putting my feet into that cool, clear water and eating sandy, homemade sandwiches while listening to the surf.  And I'm awfully good at the manta ray shuffle now. A few years ago, we were told to "shuffle" our feet through the water because it was mating season for the manta rays. They prefer to hide near the shore, right underneath the sand, so it's advised to shuffle your feet, rather than step, where you're more likely to put a foot smack down on a manta ray. Let's just say I got extremely good at shuffling! 

Anyway, below are some freebies. Just right click to save, print out and cut along the gray line, then fold in the middle. Now you have some calming peace note cards! Enjoy! :) 

(All free downloads are only for personal use.)

SALE! New Markdowns!

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