Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 is the year I...

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2014 is the year I am going to write a novel.

Okay, shit. How the hell am I going to write a novel? I call myself an illustrator or a designer because I spent a whole four years partying, er, I mean studying at a school for that purpose. I earned that title by playing both teams - the Mac team and the PC Team, duh! - and by learning how to deal with eccentric bosses, one of which who liked to make up words and insisted I look at 150 of his vacation photos. Not to mention the tuition that was paid at school, which was like an academic dating game. I paid my money and the school put out in the form of a diploma. I'm not saying it was that easy, there were certainly some tough classes and brutal all nighters, but yeah, it definitely was that easy. 

So here I am on the brink of calling myself of a writer. What a farce!? I fear any moment the world will find me out and hang me at the gallows. "A writer!? Hah," they will claim, "for my pig could write better words than her!" Sigh... well, if I had Charlotte helping me, I would probably be as good as that pig. (Really silly reference there, don't hate me.)

I am going to do this though. I am going to fight every freaking ounce of fear and make this effing book happen. The first book will probably be horrible, but my goal is to at least complete one novel and hone my craft in the process. Hopefully, the next one will be better. And if you ask why I have so much passion for this, I feel it's almost unanswerable, but my heart truly yearns for it. I can't really explain it any other way. It's not about becoming the most amazing writer, it's about telling the most amazing story and creating an entirely new world that you can not only immerse yourself in, but one that turns the depths of your soul into the hardest stone and the gentlest of waters. (Crap, was that a run-on sentence? I'm going to need a damn good editor.)

I signed up for a group where we all bring something we've written for feedback and critique. I'm shaking in my jeans on this one, but I've got to start somewhere. I'll share it here when I'm done! Until then, have a good weekend friends. Love to you all. 

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Minding Monkeys said...

Wow! So exciting - can't wait to read more about it :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Claudette. XOXO :)

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