Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goals Reviewed. Spinach Nuggets Await.

Above: Making Things Happen Powersheets. These are so beyond awesome and I highly recommend them. I have started using them in my own goal setting endeavors. 

I feel like for the past year, I have been a professional ambler. I've been walking around, slow and half asleep, like a bored cat constantly chasing her kittens. Now that my second daughter has made it to the milestone year of one and sleep comes at more regular intervals, I finally feel like I can rejoin society. Although, I have to admit, there are times when I have the appearance of someone who comes from a tribe of never-washed nomads rather than civilized society, but such is life.

So anyway, as I mentioned earlier, 2014 is my year of no excuses. This means a few goals are on the to-do list (not in order of importance): One, get fit. Two, focus more on love, not fear. Three, write a novel. Four, generate passive income. 

In the beginning of 2014 I signed up for a local mud run! I am scared out of my pants on this one, but it certainly lit a fire under my butt to hit the gym! I can now run a 12 minute mile and learned that burpees are awesome for almost every part of the body, except the brain which will try to convince you that eating rotten eggs is better than burpees. 

On passive income, I am working on that. I don't really have an established amount as to how much I would like to generate, but I figure I will work on actually selling some stuff first. More about this another time though. Mac and cheese is on the stove. Spinach nuggets in the oven. We eat fancy over here.


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