Thursday, April 5, 2012

Writing Your Own Vows

Most writers know that when you write something that is to be heard or read by other people, it's typically a story for "other people." Perhaps it's a story intended to sell something, elicit intense emotions, or make people laugh. The words you write have to reach into their world and they have to be about them and for them, they must be relate-able and well-versed.

This is not true when you write your wedding vows though. Even though all your guests will hear you speak these tender words to your partner, they don't have to be edited down until they are the bare bones of perfection. You don't have to be a writer to give a voice to the love you feel for that person. The only goal your words need to accomplish is to celebrate the commitment you feel for each other and to celebrate the world you share together.

What do you think about writing your own vows? Will you, or did you, write your own?


Ash said...

We are writing our own vows, but I have no clue where to start! I am a writer so I think it's even harder for me because I want it to be this eloquent thing but I'm finding that impossible. I think it'll probably just be verbal vomit... but that will be okay. :)

Jennifer said...

Ash - Lol! No way it will be vomit! As long as it comes from your heart, you'll be fine. :)

Burnett's Boards said...

We wrote our own vows and they were really "us" - meaning - mine were short and sweet and to the point, my husband's were VERY long winded and humorous - he had the whole place cracking up :-D

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