Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rock A Different Frock

Why is there such a taboo about wearing a dress that isn't very traditional or "wedding-y," if you will. What about a dress that can actually be worn again or (gasp!) a dress that isn't white? Where are these rules written? I suppose if you don't wear a white dress, everyone will assume you are not a virgin, because that's how we do it these days - only virgins wear white dresses? Right? Riiiiiiggghht....

If you're an environmentally friendly bride looking for an environmentally friendly dress, you actually have a lot of great options (just check out our shops page to see some of them), but if you want to rock a different frock, I fully support you!

Blue Wedding Dress Idea J CrewThis one is my favorite, but mainly because it's a beautiful shade of blue and it's an eyelet dress with a dainty scalloped edge. Eyelet is pretty feminine and romantic, which may not be your cup of tea. Not to worry, I've got more interesting choices below. J Crew $228

striped alternative dress
This is a really different dress and I have a feeling some of you might consider me crazy for suggesting it, but I posted it because it has stripes (I love stripes!) and I love how unique the cut is. Not to mention your wedding colors could match your dress! :) Free People $248

elope dress

I found this to be an interesting concept - the "elope" dress. A dress designed specifically with the spirit of elopement in mind, meaning it's easy to travel with and can be worn a multitude of times, including while on the honeymoon. It's a great concept really, although I'm not sure if you would ever really wear it again. In any case, I do think it's adorable. BetaBrand $170

gray flirty dress
This dress is the one I'm most on the fence about. I can't decide if it's too flirty, but I think the neutral colors tone it down nicely. In any case, I love the flared skirt with the classic top. Camilla and Marc $550

Anthropology Red Wedding Dress

The bride in the top picture is wearing a beautiful red dress from Anthropologie - you can see the full wedding here - and boy does she look stunning in it, yes? I managed to come across this romantically pinkish-red maxi dress which could easily be worn again. Sundown Crochet Maxi Dress at Anthropologie - $138

Top Photo By Hanle Productions (found via One Lovely Day)


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shary said...

dresses are all beautiful ,I like them all .

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Shary! :)

Sikh Wedding Invitations said...
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Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co said...

the elope one is really beautiful, though I dont think I could wear it other than in my honeymoon

Wholesale Flowers Co

Jennifer said...

I completely agree, Karen. It's beautiful, but I doubt I would wear anywhere other than my honeymoon.

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