Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old Becomes New - Turning Everyday Items Into New Ones for Your Wedding or Event

This is one of the posts I created for Eco-Beautiful Weddings earlier this week. Hope you enjoy! :)

As an eco-friendly gal, I am always looking for ways to re-purpose things around my house. I actually have a problem hoarding small glass jars - pickle jars, olive jars, jelly jars, you name it - because I find them so cute and I just know I can find a new use for them. I usually end up with a massive collection of tiny jars and I think my husband secretly recycles a few every now and then just to get them out of the way, but anyway, I digress. On to the good stuff! This post is all about taking everyday items and finding not-so-typical uses for them in your wedding or event. I hope you enjoy!

Cork Monogram
Over the course of your engagement, collect corks from 
friends and family and turn them into a monogram! 
These are from Etsy seller My Happily Ever After 23.

Fabric Table Number
Use an old picture frame to create a table number! 
This is something I created with at Eco and Elsie with an old skirt 
and some embroidery thread.

Suitcase Centerpiece
That suitcase can be used for more than just traveling! 
This unique wedding featured vintage luggage in their centerpieces

Window Wedding
I realize not everyone has a big old window laying around, 
but this effect is pretty stunning, right? 
This was found over at Style Me Pretty.

wedding card basket
A little DIY never hurt anyone.
Here you can learn how to take an old crate or wire basket
and turn it into a rustic card box.
Found via Emmaline Bride

Top Photo: Style Me Pretty

Real Wood Wedding Stationery by Night Owl Paper Goods



Kate said...

Love the window idea - I found a pair at a flea market last year and that's what we're using for our seating chart next week.

Jennifer said...

That's so great to hear, Kate! It's funny you say that because I was at a flea market last weekend and I saw so many windows just laying around waiting to be bought! I thought if only I could get married again I would totally use it as a seating chart. :) I'd love to see your window in action on the wedding day - feel free to post a link here!

Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co said...

I love this ideas, and they are budget minded as well!

Wholesale Flowers Co

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Karen! :)

vencanice said...

Nice ideas, i love the flowers, can be nice decoration for a wedding.

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