Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Operation Healthy Eating

I'm quitting sugar for thirty days. Okay, not all sugar, just the obvious stuff like cookies, candy, cake, chocolate etc... In addition to that, my goal is to maintain a decent awareness about my sugar consumption. For instance, I usually eat yogurt for breakfast, but when I looked at the package this morning I noticed my one little cup of it had 32 grams of sugar! 32 grams!!! So no more yogurt for breakfast. I'm currently on day two. Would you care to join me? You can catch me tweeting about it at EcoAndElsie with the hashtag #OperationHealthyEating. Feel free to say hi!

Goodnight all! I'm about to devour a jar of pickles in an attempt to avoid the ice cream in the freezer!

*Update: Thank you for all your comments and encouragement! I'm on Day 4 and I have to admit I may have overestimated my ability to go cold turkey, but I have definitely reduced my sugar consumption. Sugar is good stuff and it's hard to quit - like really hard, but I'm consciously deciding to reach for the grapes and blueberries rather than the chocolate or ice cream. My husband is also joining me on Operation Healthy Eating! I'll post more updates as we get further into it.

*Second Update: Well, I hate to say it, but operation healthy eating was a bust. I think I cracked after day 10 or something. I feel like such a loser. Does anyone have any advice? *sigh*



Kim said...

I think I need to hop on board. I cut it out for 30 days last year before my birthday, with my birthday being my first day back. I hated myself for it, but I went all out on birthday cake, but I felt SO good during those 30 days. With our wedding date upon us and now my birthday passing, I think its a good time to start fresh. I'm with you!

Jennifer said...

Yay Kim! I'm so glad to hear that! I will be posting updates periodically so check back often. Good luck to us! :)

Valerie said...

I'm there too. I've been watching my sugar, grain, and dairy consumption for about 3 weeks now. The only refined sugar I have had was for a cake tasting and a few chocolate chips in my sweet potato brownies (surprisingly good). I've got a couple of friends who are paleo, but as a vegetarian I can't follow this kind of meal planning. After three weeks I'm not craving bagels or the sweets at work!

We can do this!!!

Alyx said...

I'm with you!! good luck

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear so many of you are hopping on the bandwagon with me! I hope it's been going well so far. Hubby and I had some guests over so we had a little dessert with our meal, but other than that we've been doing pretty good!

Kate said...

Sugar is SUCH an addiction, isn't it? Good luck to you - once you start cutting it in small doses on a regular basis it gets much easier to do a full overhaul. And you don't have to give up yogurt, just switch to Greek yogurt! It's SO tasty and has way less sugar and tons more protein. You just have to do plain, and then add real fruit for more flavor.

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