Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Week In Pictures

Hello my dear readers. Forgive me for being absent yesterday. I took the night off so I could spend some time with my husband, which was much needed. We spent some time hanging on the couch and believe it or not, brainstorming about this blog. That hubby of mine - he's actually a pretty good brainstormer, but he'll never claim to be Mr. Creative. In any case, I will reveal the ideas that we came up with in the next few weeks. I just need to time to hash them out and see where I can go with them.

This week in pictures is kind of a cheat. It's actually last's week in pictures, but last week I had a friend in town and we were so busy having fun I forgot to post them. I would ask you to forgive me, but I feel like I just asked you to do that in the previous paragraph, so... remember I love you. :)

Fun find at a local flea market
Me tickling and kissing my daughter
Much needed dinner and date night out with my husband. My poison of choice is water. 


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Sara said...

ooooohhhhh what a swweeeettttt babyyyy:X:X:X::X:X:X

shary said...

wow ,cute baby .

Jennifer said...

Aw, thank you! :)

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