Friday, April 10, 2009

Earth Friendly Bud Vases

I know, I know...this is the third post on vases this week, but I just keep coming across such great ideas and pictures. These are probably the most unique ones I've ever posted about: recycled Bic pens turned into bud vases. Gotta love that upcycled innovation in action! Found via Re-Nest.

Have a great weekend everyone! Check out these web nuggets to keep you busy over the next two days!

- Win some of the cutest prints in Etsy land at Sweet Greens!

- Who knew vodka could do more than you make brave enough to make a wedding toast?

- Danny Seo needs a scrubby side! We all should indulge our scrubby sides once in a while.

- If the Beatles went to India...and had a wedding...

- Want favors? Like discounts?


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Inness said...

Suuuuure, "vases."

love said...

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{The Perfect Palette} said...

simply lovely :)

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