Thursday, October 25, 2007

Calling All Shoe-Aholics!

If you are a shoe-aholic, then I have to confess I am your enabler today. But let's face it—with the advent of e-commerce and companies like Beyond Skin, there really is no hope for you, is there? Beyond Skin is what you might call, "eco couture". Their shoes are handmade to order, they promote less energy intensive work practices, they're suitable for vegans, and they've created a classic, trans-seasonal line to support more sustainable lifestyle choices. They'll also create a one of a kind wedding shoe for you too!


Lisa said...

Hi Jennifer,
thanks for the link love! And, I love your blog, and your new header! And these shoes. I'm loving a lot of things! I'm going to link you back.
Take care!

Lucky Designs said...

I love those green shoes!!

Jennifer said...

I know, aren't they adorable!

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