Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Cutest Eggs You've Ever Seen!

This is sort of the idea of a chia pet, but much cooler and better looking. These are Egglings! Just crack open the top, add some water, and watch 'em grow! Available in either herbs or flowers, these little cuties would make great bridesmaids gifts, especially if you know a few girls that love to cook or play in the garden. If you really feel like going all out, you could give them as favors since they also offer them in bulk. The eggs themselves are handmade of porcelain ceramic and they each come with a terra cotta tray and an extra seed packet. I really like the idea of the herb egglings, available in basil, italian parsley, mint, and Thyme, because there's nothing like a little homegrown seasoning to add to your meals. To purchase your own, check out their "Where to Buy" page to see a list of places that sell the Egglings.

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Anonymous said...

Love this. Cute

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