Friday, March 9, 2012

My Week in Pictures

Hope everyone had a great week! 
Here's a little of what I was up to (clockwise):

Went for a visit to the dollar store with my little girl. 
It was a kick ass dollar store and we both got princess crowns.

My brother worked at Disney World for a little while and he bought me these super cute measuring cups. I'm still a sucker for anything Mickey related and I always buy into all that "magic" stuff.

Frogs on the sink. Decoration of choice for a toddler. 

I planted kale seeds back in October(!) and they finally started to grow! 
It tastes so fresh!



Hailey @ Southern Morning said...

Hi, Jennifer! Thanks so much for commenting on my posts. You have a lovely blog as well and I look forward to making it a daily read. I appreciate your time and hope you come back to visit!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for stopping by Hailey! I will definitely be back! :)

Leslie said...

Jennifer! I so enjoyed your comment. I'm a certified Bradley Coach and lactation consultant .. or I should say I was .. back in the day. I nursed both my kids (now in college) and had my boobs done (empty sacks simply re-filled) after my last baby. Providing we do things for the right reasons (because we want to not because we are worried about what others think).


Leslie said...

oops! ... we can and should be open to anything :)

Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog via your comment on the Inspired By This blog...will definitely be coming back! I LOVE what I'm seeing! :)

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