Monday, March 12, 2012

Lemons: Using Them For Your Wedding + Tips on Growing Them

(photo from Kansas Sebastian)

A very good friend of mine recently told me a story about how she planted a small lemon tree in her front yard. A very small lemon tree, which was relegated to the front yard because her two big dogs have free reign over the back. Now, have you ever grown anything? Maybe a few vegetables or an indoor herb garden? If you have, then you know the excitement she felt as her lemons started to grow, and they grew well! Then one day, as she went to go check on them, she noticed they had been picked clean off! Clean off! Can you imagine that? Who steals baby lemons off a tree? In a suburban neighborhood in Houston?

This led us to plot a few diabolical plans as a way to get back at the great lemon stealer - grow more lemons and inject laxative into them, smear poison ivy over the lemons, or hide a small, poisonous frog inside them. That last one might be taking it too far. Of course, our diabolical plan ended up on the cutting room floor and the great lemon stealer is most likely still out there. If you live in Houston and you see a crazy-eyed person carrying a large basket of lemons whilst laughing maniacally, please ask them to return my friend's lemons.

Have you ever had anyone steal anything? Your heart? Your clothes? Your lemons?

Have you ever thought of growing lemons yourself and incorporating them into your wedding day? You can grow them indoors or outdoors and as long as you don't have any mystery lemon stealers, it's quite easy to grow them.

Lemon Wedding

photo from Style Me Pretty

If you live in a more urban area or don't have a yard, here are some tips for growing citrus trees in pots. You'll want to make sure you have a big enough space for a large pot and a sunny spot - they apparently need five to six hours of good sunlight. If your space is really minimal, consider a dwarf citrus tree, which is smaller, but still grows full size fruit.

Below and above are a few ways to incorporate lemons (or any type of citrus really) into your wedding day. And as they like to say, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or you can do this with them, which is probably much more fun.

Lemon Wedding Aisle

Photo from Once Wed

Lemon Wedding Bowls

Found via Vintage Rose Garden

Lemon Wedding Cake

Found via Stefan Sisters

Lemonade Wedding Lemonade found via Secondhand With Style

Lemon Centerpiece
Brittany Janelle Photography

Real Wood Wedding Stationery by Night Owl Paper Goods


Brancoprata said...

Love the cake with the lemons on top!!

Jennie said...

We had this exact thing happen! I bought the mister an organic lemon tree for Father's day and someone picked all if the green lemons off! We have since moved and our beloved tree is now on our patio. However, it has only grown one lemon since the snatching!

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Brancopratra! It does look scrumptious!

@Jennie - I am so sorry to hear someone stole your lemons! And they weren't even ripe! Seriously, who does that?

Hailey @ Southern Morning said...

Oh, I love this post! Lemons are so multifunctional! Those arrangements are gorgeous!

Margaret said...

I love the lemon slices in the arrangement fresh!

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