Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eco-Travel: London Honeymoon or Babymoon

A part of me really misses London. The streets, the entertainment, the history. I lived there briefly and I miss all of it. I have been trying to convince my husband we should take a jaunt across the ocean and, since he works from home now, stay for more than just a week. It would be like a "home away from home" thing, but the logistics of traveling that long with a toddler fail to excite me. Plus, to pay for London accommodations and our bills back home would be too much to handle financially. Instead of daydreaming and lamenting, I figured I would show you a few reasons why you should go! Whether it's for a honeymoon, babymoon, or get-the-hell-away-moon, there are a ton of reasons why it's worth the trip. Ready?!

London Eco Bus
One of these days, when I do get to head back, I look forward to taking my daughter on their iconic double decker bus, which they recently revamped into new eco-friendly diesel-electric hybrid versions. They are not only more fuel efficient (11.6 mpg, makes you wonder what it was before), but I love the futuristic styling as well.

London Eco Hotel
London Bridge Hotel lists their generous environmental policy on their website, and, surprisingly, not every hotel does. They outline their commitment to recycling, waste reduction, and their preferred suppliers, all who work to remain environmentally responsible.

London Market

Contribute to local and small business artisans by checking out all the goodies at Borough Market, a renowned food market that consists of foods from all over the world in Southwark, London.

London Thrift Stores

One of the best things about London is the shopping, especially when it comes to unique, independent shops, such as vintage and thrift stores. Time Out calls Rellik one of the most loved vintage shops in the city, but that's really just a small snippet of what they have to offer. Check out Time Out London's Top 20 Thrift Stores. (photo from Urban Path, Time Out


NM | Wedding Flowers Co said...

It's been years since I was in London. I do miss it terribly and now planning on going for the Olympics. The shopping, public transportation, cordiality and pubs all make London a wonderful city and I cannot wait to visit soon.

Jennifer said...

I'm so jealous! I hope you have a wonderful time, as I am sure you will! :)

andrea kathryn said...

LOL... "babymoon"... I am totally taking one of those. Can you do it when they are five and eight?

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