Friday, June 25, 2010

For the Registry: Eco-Friendly Bowls

Something to add to the registry, perhaps!? You'd be surprised as to how much personality a simple bowl can add to a kitchen island or bland tabletop. My husband and I searched forever before settling on this handmade ceramic one, found at a local gallery. The ones above though are actually upcycled (I love that word) from old vinyl records. Not sure how this gal does it, but the intricate painting technique on the organic design is really quite unique! Purchase at Eye Pop Art on Makers Market.

Recycled Inspiration: Make Online recently held a "Save Our Oceans" contest where people were encouraged to submit upcycled plastic projects. Check out some of the submissions!

At Home: How To Clone Your Herbs at Re-Nest.

Thank You! Many thanks to Faberuna for showcasing Earthly Affair!

DIY: Something Old, Something New gives a great linky post on how to do your own vintage hairstyle.

Inspiration: Rustic imagery at Ginny Branch.


Liz Fields said...

Those bowls are beautiful!

Personal Care Items said...

It looks very unique and awesome and the best part that it is hand made and eco friendly.This is a very right time to start thinking about the earth and start promote such purchases.

Claire said...

What a cool idea. And I love the way the look. I really like the blue blue with the white design. It would look great on my dining room table with some flowers or fruit placed in it.

beans said...

that ceramic bowl is gorgeous! i have been trying to research some eco-friendly places to register but all of the results seem to be in the US (I am in Toronto) - do you have any suggestions?)

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