Monday, June 28, 2010

Healthy Monday: Stay Hydrated!

As an Atlanta native, I am a big fan of Coca-Cola. I drink it rarely because, let's face it, 39 grams of sugar and the questionably bubbly contents cannot be that good for you. (I don't go for Diet Coke because I'm more concerned about fake sugar than real sugar.) As the temperature rises though, the body needs to stay hydrated and the best way to do that is to reach for the water, not the soda. Keep a big container of it at your desk so you can consistently take small sips throughout the day. Not a big fan of plain water? Add some lemons or tea. While both contain sugar, lemonade and sweet tea contain mostly water and will also help you stay hydrated.

Are you a soda addict or do you have a favorite drink that helps keep you hydrated?

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