Friday, January 8, 2010

Surf Worthy Links

Relax. And breath. It's Friday! :) Enjoy a little detoxing with these surf worthy links.

- DIY Eco-Chic Bouquet Alternative (pictured above)

- Dream Green Weddings is a great place to satisfy eco-wedding cravings. Have you checked out their invitation section? You might see something familiar.

- Beautiful vintage wedding at the Orange and Blossom blog

- Inspiring images from Abby Try Again

- Burr! It's cold. Get warm with these 12 winter recipes


BridalHood said...

I love mixing paper flowers in with real flowers - since a nice and eco-chic touch.

Clover said...

what great sites!! thanks so much for sharing :-)

April said...

Thanks for posting.These sites are quite useful.

I also love the idea of mixing used paper and fresh flowers too!It shows that we care about nurturing and preserving Mother Nature! Nice post.

dining room table said...

I love those winter recipes! I badly need them! I always have chills at night because it is really getting cold!

Anonymous said...

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