Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plastic Vases - Fold 'Em Up and Pack 'Em Up

The plastic vases seem to be a new thing lately. I was a bit unsure about the plastic part of it, but they still have their benefits: they're infinitely reusable and it's a nice alternative to the standard glass vase, and in this economy it's more cost effective than some of the fancy glass vases available. Plus (and this is a major plus if you live in what is basically a large closet) they fold up flat for easy and compact storage! Perhaps a bit too informal for a wedding (although I can see them working quite nicely for a casual outdoor wedding with unique table linens), they would however provide a nice spot for flowers at a shower. The ones above have pretty cute designs. They make me feel a little ikea-ish, which I don't mean in a bad or good way, it's just the illustrations. Check 'em out at Jillable.


TheCluelessCrafter said...

Always full of ideas! If they are infinitely reusable, I would say they're a winner. The only caveat I'd put out there is to make sure you purchase a design that would carry through time, one you know you'll love.

I purchased a plastic water bottle with similar stylized flowers this weekend for my athlete sister.

Dynamite Weddings said...

I love the storage factor of these vases! I think they would work well for a casual rehearsal dinner as well.

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