Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitations

I consider myself an artist, but I'm really a graphic designer by trade. I'm not all that spectacular when it comes to free hand drawing, painting, ceramics, etc... but that doesn't stop me from loving and appreciating art in all forms. I am especially charmed by these original watercolor Royal Tea Party Invitations from Kimberly Shaw, who can work a paint brush like nobody's business! Each invitation has a little spot for a real tea bag, making it such a cute and unique idea for a bridal tea shower, I don't know how one could actually decline to attend.


5 Star Weddings said...

Such pretty invitations, lovely vintage feel to them. A great start to a vintage wedding.

tea favors said...

I was looking for bridal shower tea invitations and came across these - they are very pretty and very vintage! I love them!

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