Monday, April 2, 2012

Do You Secretly Wish...?

Hello dear readers. I was MIA for most of last week and I apologize for that. Bouts of nausea were keeping me down and out, but no, I am not pregnant. It seems to be a combination of allergies and not getting enough sleep, but I managed to de-stress over the weekend and focus a little more on hydration, which is a key component to staying healthy. Thanks for hanging in there with me, folks. I love you. :)

I came across this awesome article about how to turn a silverware tray into a jewelry organizer (I seriously needed this idea as I have already run out of room in my itty bitty jewelry box), which led me to read about the creator of this ingenious idea. Turns out the author is a 28 year old housewife named Ashli. This is so bizarre to me - not that it's wrong, not by any means - but how many women do you know whose sole profession is "housewife?"

I'm not talking about a stay-at-home mom. I'm talking about a stay-at-home wife. Her goal is to take care of her husband, her home, herself, and quite possibly her community. Is that really so bad? There is a stigma against that type of woman these days. Women are supposed to get degrees, which turn into jobs, which turn into careers saddled with responsibility and maybe loads of debt, but come with complete independence. Lately I've seen a small, but noticeable uprising of younger women who champion the role of the traditional domestic goddess. For those of you about to tie the knot, I wonder this: do you secretly wish you could be a "just a housewife?"


Ash said...

To be completely honest I would absolutely love to be a housewife. I read blogs from several women who do part-time work from their home online and spend the rest of their time taking care of their home. I think I would actually really enjoy that lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

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see what i sea designs said...

I always fought against the idea of being a housewife, as religious cultural mores made it seem far too cliche. However, when my husband of barely six months and myself found ourselves living in a foreign land where working wasn't a legal option, turning into the housewife became a reality for me. And to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have it any other way! I love taking care of our home and my husband and helping our little family of two function. It's the best!

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