Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Wedding Full of Personal, Unique and Eco-Friendly Details

I have been reaching out to photographers lately, mainly to make my blog known and see if they have any eco-weddings to share, and I have been so incredibly warmed by the response. We can thank the super talented Drew Burdick, of His and Her Photography, for today's wedding. Drew has been so kind and was more than happy to share Tara and Brian's wedding, which is full of all these personal little details that make a wedding so special. {This wedding was photographed by Drew and Alexis of His and Her Photography - thank you Drew and Alexis!}
eco-friendly wedding
Tara and Brian took great care to minimize their impact on the earth by choosing eco-conscious vendors and incorporating details that reflect their love for the environment. They were married in May on a family farm in Leesburg, Virginia. This family farm, owned by friends of theirs, is crazy beautiful with a pastoral scene worthy of a 19th century American oil painting. I can only imagine how calming and peaceful the entire setting must have been. 

eco-friendly wedding
bride long necklaceIf you know me, you know I love, love, love necklaces. You can imagine how much I am in love with Tara's vintage wedding day necklace - the color and the length are just perfect and it looks great on her. On the right, the cake stands were made by Brian's mom, who is a professional potter, and given away as gifts to the guests.

recycled pom poms

The bride's mom and sister made most of the cake and desserts and the couple chose Fatgirl Catering for food, a vendor with a focus on "organic food products" and locally sourced produce. Recycled pom poms and rows of Christmas lights lined the inside of the tent. Below the chalkboards were handmade and hand illustrated by the groom's aunt and mom.

Vintage wine glasses and depression era glass vases held a natural assortment of wildflowers. I absolutely love how this looks - it's charming and not overly fussy. 

"The moonshine, in blueberry, peach and apple-cinnamon, was homemade by a family member and brought as a gift from West Virginia." Wow! Just wow!

moonshine wedding
polaroid wedding

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Drew said...

Really wonderful (and important!) blog. Thanks Jennifer!! The content is great - and very helpful - and your aesthetic is spot on.

Well played.


Alexis Glenn said...

I want to echo what Drew has said, what a great blog! Thank you for featuring His and Her and bringing awareness to eco-friendly event planning! -Alexis

Sara said...

I love her necklaces!! And the Chalkboard signs are Gorgeous! What a great idea... I would have to hire someone because all I can draw are stick people :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much to all of you for your sweet and kind words! Alexis and Drew - you are two fantastic people!
And Sara - yes, me too! I like to think I can draw, but really, I can't lol.

vencanice beograd said...

Fantastic presentation. You did really nic work with this post. I love these colorfull details.

DIY Wedding Invitations said...

Brilliant personal touches! The bride's beautiful vintage necklace and the cake stand made by groom's mother are my favourite parts of the wedding

Kayla said...

I will be attending a wedding this end of June with a lavender motif. I don't know if I will get a new dress or use my old gown.Hmmmm

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