Friday, March 2, 2012

{Guest Post} Vintage Ideas and Styles

Today I have a guest post from Rebecca, who is going to enlighten us with a few ideas about vintage style weddings and showers.

This bride had her mom's vintage wedding dress re-cut and tailored for her her own wedding day. Photograph by Richard Israel. See this beautiful wedding in it's entirety at Ruffled Blog.

Vintage Bridal Styles

Vintage wedding themes are very popular at the moment as they are very on trend for 2012 and hold that elegance and traditional that represents all the things that a wedding is.

Vintage style is also being carried over in to reception with the wedding breakfast consisting of period table settings and decorations to music and entertainment and photographs. A lot of wedding venues are older buildings that already have a vintage feel to them, especially churches so it really works to incorporate this into your day.

Bridal Shower

It is not only popular to feature vintage influences in your wedding day plans but many Brides to be are also having vintage bridal showers too. There is something irresistible about vintage tea parties and delicate cakes, that really works at a bridal shower. Even if you want an evening Hen party then serve cocktails instead, keeping the vintage dress code and accompaniments.

Vintage Inspirations

You will find that there are countless designers, catering to all budgets designing vintage inspired gowns, shoes and accessories, so you can buy vintage style without the vintage price. Lace, embroidery and detailed embellishment were all key aspects of last seasons fashion trends and this year is to follow on its footsteps.

There is certainly something romantic and timeless about vintage pieces so it makes sense to incorporate this in to your wedding and especially your bridal style. If your groom is also in to the vintage theme then why not choose his suit in a classic style too. Photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular so why not go for black and white shots instead of colour or a combination of both to really emphasise your vintage style.

As with modern styles there is a shape and look to suit everyone, and so the same rules will apply to vintage bridal wear. You will also want to think about material and colour as you would with contemporary designs to make sure you choose the perfect dress for you. Key vintage textures are lace, floral embellishments, and pearls which can very subtly or extravagantly be a part of your look. White and ivory are traditional wedding colours but if you want to add something more vibrant pick a berry lip shade or dazzling shoes.

Hair accessories

A great way to include vintage elements is with hair accessories. The likelihood is you will need or want something in your hair either from a practical point of view or just for decoration; which is where a veil or bridal fascinators can work very well. The best thing to do is to buy a simple and inexpensive one and add your own decorations like feathers, jewels broaches and beading.


There are lot of misconceptions surrounding vintage jewellery, with some saying that it is very expensive and difficult to find, but this is not always the case. If you have the time to shop around then browse online for pieces that really catch your eye or research great vintage shops and outlets in your area. Don’t be put off by thinking that vintage is an expensive option; you can buy vintage looking accessories almost anywhere at high street stores for a fraction of the price.

Written by Rebecca from Chillisauce
, specialising in Stag Weekends and Hen

And check out Rebecca's blog Boho Wedding Ideas

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engagement ring Ireland said...

Love this vintage style wedding, so pretty. Vintage bridal party sounds great, never heard if it before. A stunning engagement ring and horse and cart would look amazing and keep with the theme.

Alli Marsay Pattern Design said...

very pretty. love the dress and bouquet!

vencanice said...

Lovely bride in her wedding dress. Nice presentation, thanks for sharing.

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