Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sponsored Post: Seven Hopes United

 Today we have a sponsored post from Seven Hopes United. They asked me to "write a post from the heart", which I thought was the best request yet. They are an online company that offers a unique assortment of fair trade gifts and products, as well as registry options. Hope you enjoy! :)

I'm not going to deny that going around a big department store with a scanning gun thingy is a lot of fun. It is fun. "Oh, I want that - scan it! How about this? Scaaaan! We've already got one of these, but what the hell!? Scan it!" However, it's important to remember that many big box stores rarely cater to the consumer that cares about where their products come from, how they were made, or how they got there.

Seven Hopes United does care about this. They center their business around respect - respect for their commitment to integrity, respect for basic human rights, and respect for the environment. Their Fair Trade Gifts  come from people who are paid fair wages and each sale aids in providing a better life for those in disadvantaged communities. They also offer a Fair Trade Registry, which is easy to use for you and your guests to use.

To create a beautiful table, consider the eco-friendly napkins made with low impact dyes, the hand carved palm wood salad servers, or the handcrafted Capiz bowl: Ibiza Lime Napkins, Capiz and Palm Servers, Large Capiz Bowl

For the bedroom: Loop Organic Sateen Sheets. About Loop: LOOP produces fine organic cotton bed and bath linens in a sophisticated modern color palette. Expert craftsmen use high quality organic cotton fiber, low-impact dyes, and superior finishing and sewing. All of the production processes are free from harmful chemicals, so the end product is certified, as well as sweatshop-free.

For the outdoor party: Beautiful hand painted jugs

For the kitchen table: Recycled Tumblers and hand blown glass pitcher

For the entertaining: Brooklyn Slate Cheese Boards, handpicked from a family quarry in upstate New York. 

Take care and be sure to give Seven Hopes United a visit!


Lizzie B. said...

Jennifer - great post! Mind if I do a post of my own about this on Hudson Valley Green and redirect my readers to your site?

Let me know!

Jennifer said...

Hi Lizzie! Of course, you are more than welcome to!

Lizzie B. said...

Sounds good! Thanks, Jennifer!

Sara said...

these jugs are AMAZING :x:x love this post!!

Sonya said...

It seems like the new concept in registries is not to register for a bunch of useless gifts and more towards sustainable, fair trade items and even charity. I came across Zankyou registry which is environmentally friendly AND you can opt for charitable donations instead of gifts. I'm still researching but I'd like to find the registry that best suits my needs.

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