Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marriage, Moving, and Learning To Let Go

My husband and I are currently looking around for a new house. We're just looking really, but we live pretty far North from the city of Atlanta and it would be nice to be a closer. However, when I really think about moving - really, truly think about uprooting everything - the thought is sad. Sad not only because we would be leaving our house, but because it is our first home, it's where our first nursery was created, it's where we've planted baby trees (and watched them grow to over feet tall!), and we've put a lot of effort into turning it into a home we are proud of.

There are similarities between moving and getting married. Both require saying goodbye to a previous life and both require traveling a road lined with challenges, excitement, and adventure. You are forced to embrace a new life - and in some cases, you are letting go of a safe, familiar, and comfortable life.

At some point, we all have to learn to let go of something and it's not always easy. Engagement and marriage is no different. Are you handling it with palms open to the wind or are your nervously planting your feet firmly in the ground?

(photo by Cliff Mautner, found via Pinterest)



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