Friday, January 6, 2012

In My Head: Trash the Dress

What do you think of trash the dress? A few years ago it was a really big thing, but then, you know, the economy went down the tubes and rolling around in the mud in a $5,000 dress suddenly wasn't so appealing. Personally, I never found it appealing. Maybe it's the cheapo, er, I mean frugal, part of me, but I have a problem with destroying anything of significant monetary value, not to mention it's not very environmentally friendly.

I actually still have my dress because some part of me really hopes that one day my daughter will wear it. Yeah, I am one of those moms... However, this is what goes through my head when I think of trash the dress.


Lizzie B. said...

I so agree with you on this one. I was able to wear my grandmother's dress for my wedding. If she had been dumb enough to trash her dress after she wore it for her wedding, I really would have missed out on wearing a crazy awesome family heirloom.

I think it is so great that you have saved your dress. Even if your daughter doesn't want to wear it, you can always repurpose it to make a veil, pillow for the rings, or any number of great mementos.

Thanks for your pros and cons list! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Some people go out and buy a really cheap used dress for the photo shoot. My dress was cheap and not even really a wedding dress. I am going for it. For me its the symbol of the wedding being over of never having to wear the dress again. Most times people just hold on to dresses or donate them. You don't even have to ruin the dress, trash the dress for somepeople is going to the woods to take pictures sure it gets some dirt on it. It comes out. It doesn't always mean throwing paint on it or cutting. Thats whats in my head and how I feel. It's not for everyone. But there is significant value of the TTD for some.

Kristin said...

Trash the dress isn't as popular in the UK. However, there has been a big movement towards Cherish the Dress. Pros? You don't trash the dress, it's not wasteful, the dress isn't ruined. So you're not pouring paint/mud on it or jumping into water. Result? You can still pass it on to your children later in life, or donate it to a charity, or keep it "nice". :-) x

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