Monday, November 7, 2011

Healthy Monday: Addicted to Hand Sanitizer

Step out of the moody Mondays and into a new you. 
On this day of the week, we feature ways to boost your physical and emotional health. 

I think I am addicted to hand sanitizer. My husband, who I swear is a borderline germaphobe (he denies this avidly), is the person responsible for turning me onto these little bottles of hand cleaning crack. Rare is the time you will catch me without a bottle of it in my purse. However, as most of us know, not all products are equal when it comes to cleaning agents. Fortunately, there are a few, all-natural or eco-friendly, options:

EcoSalon has a very easy, DIY tutorial on how to make these yourself. Ecologic did a review of Cleanwell, an all-natural, environmentally friendly sanitizer which comes in a reusable bottle. Last but not least, Clean George utilizes natural Tea Tree and Manuka oils to clean hands.

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