Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabric Scraps DIY Challenge: Finito Completo!

My last DIY Challenge was all about finding a new use for old fabric scraps. What did I do with mine? I turned it into a table number! I'll have a tutorial soon, but the basic concept was pretty simple: use embroidery thread to create a number and then place it in a frame. Voila! See the results below and some additional info.

My floral fabric came from a skirt that stopped fitting me long ago. I think I held on to it in hopes I would get high school skinny again, but after having a child, that's certainly not going to happen! I'm glad I used it for this project - the print on the fabric is so pretty.

This was the first time I sewed fabric on to paper. It was surprisingly easy!

Creating a number out of embroidery thread wasn't too complicated, but it can be a bit time consuming. It's an easy enough project though to accomplish in front of the television though.

Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them!


marce @ Wedding Flowers Co. said...

Great photos! they look amazing!

Jennifer said...

Thank you! My hubby took them! :)

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