Monday, November 21, 2011

Hop On Board the Green Smoothie Train! Woo Woo!

Ever since this post, I have been trying to live a more balanced life. This means going to bed at a decent hour, eating healthier, and exercising more. Alright, I haven't exactly started exercising, but I looked up membership prices for the YMCA. Shut up! That counts as something, right. :)

I have been chasing after the healthy wagon for a while, but the book above, which gives great info about the importance of greens and green smoothie recipes, has inspired me to finally hop on board. Green, leafy vegetables are excellent for you - we all know that - but this book delves a bit deeper. For instance, did you know the tops of carrots are more nutritious than the carrots themselves? And is it even possible that green smoothies can make wrinkles disappear?! (Read the last paragraph below for my take on that.)

I've been experimenting with green smoothies all week; adding parsley to fresh strawberry smoothies, spinach to peach and OJ smoothies, and fresh fennel fronds to blackberry and almond milk smoothies (fennel fronds one was kind of gross though). My Something really interesting has happened during this process: I have started to crave smoothies! Rather than munching on a pizza, I'll prefer a green smoothie and a healthy sandwich.

Have I noticed any benefits? I am pretty skeptical about disappearing wrinkles, but my skin seriously does look healthier. My stomach, which hasn't been flat since I had a baby, is pretty close to flat again! And I'm less tired! As an added bonus, my one year LOVES most of these smoothies and I feel like supermom for getting her to eat raw spinach!

I'll keep you updated on any changes or side effects. :)

Interested in trying a green smoothie? Check out this website for recipes!

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