Monday, October 10, 2011

I Wish I had a Stinky Health Bubble

I hate to do this to you, dear readers, but today's post will be pretty sparse since I seem to be sick again. Again! This is getting so old. Last week it was a massive allergy attack (which has yet to really go away) and this week is a sore throat. In the middle of all this I've been dealing with some yeasty issues (you know what I'm talking about ladies). A trip to the doctor is in my near future. For now, I have to go stuff some garlic in my ears, per my mother-in-law's suggestion (she swears by it for the sore throat) and eat some kale, because it's a superfood and I'm not sure what else to do.

In the meantime, here's a neat website, Tonic Food Club, that suggests we all protect ourselves from bacteria and germs with garlic. Our own "stinky health bubble." Sounds good to me.  


Natasha said...

Did you tell you mother-in-law that those home remedies don't work anymore? The good news is that there's a new type of a treatment, meant for blogger moms - full spa treatment (including nail trimming and relaxing massage with music). The only catch is that a mother-in-law has to pay for the treatment - otherwise it won't work.

Wedding Invitations said...

Hope you get better soon!

Elegant Wedding Invitations said...

Get Well Soon!

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Get Well Soon!

Jennifer said...

Natasha - you crack me up! Fortunately my MIL did take my potentially infectious one year old to her house for the night so I could focus on getting some rest. She gets major kudos for that.

Thank you everyone else for your kind words! I believe my immune system is working it's way up into tip top shape.

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