Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hand Painted Shoes

I once went on an organized tour of Italy and in our group was this woman who wore high heels...everywhere. Can you imagine trekking through cobblestone streets for two hours in heels?! This woman had it down to an art. I also lived in New York City briefly and could never do the long walks in heels. I know that for some woman the heel is a cult - wear it or die! So if you're like me, but you're a bride, don't hesitate to remove your shoes and wear something more comfy during the reception.

Personally, I think these hand painted shoes are adorable and what better souvenir from your wedding day than a pair of customized shoes? Check 'em out at Lisa Rachel. Available for $50.


Elegant Wedding Invitations said...

So cute!

shoe rack bench said...

I had made it once. I painted my old shoes. Painting is my world too. Even my friends thought that my creation is new.

Kristina-Connecticut Photobooth Rental said...

Painted shoes are so in today! I had many friends buying shoes in the internet.It's amazing that your shoes can also be customized.

stampedconcrete said...

so beautiful .. job well done .. keep it up ..

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