Friday, March 18, 2011


I will NEVER turn down free chocolate, cookies, or cake. Seriously. Never. Unless it was being offered by a strange man on a corner with a nervous tick and whoops like a bird when the cops drive by. Even then though, I would probably consider it for a second and weigh my options. "Hmmm... free cookies one hand. On the other hand, possibly laced with cocaine. Free cookies. Drug addiction..."

When Lake Champlain Chocolates offered me up a few samples to try and review, I was all over it! This blog has reached such prominence that I am now being offered free chocolate. I can die happy.

Alright, so here is my review. They sent me some super cute favor boxes, one which contained truffles and one which contained wrapped chocolates. Honestly, the chocolate was all delicious. Was it knock-my-socks-off-oh-my-god-I'm-in-heaven kind of chocolate? No, but it was close. The personalized boxes were very elegant and I can't imagine these not being well received at any type of wedding, except for maybe a wedding in July, outside, when it's 95 degrees and all the chocolate melts.

Lake Champlain chocolates are all natural, containing no preservatives or shelf extenders and they are all made in Vermont. They offer a really nice variety of chocolate wedding favors, as well as an organic selection worth checking out.

Thank you, Lake Champlain for letting me try your delicious chocolates! Don't hesitate to send more boxes my way! :)


Unknown said...

Thank you for the nice review. And glad you enjoyed the chocolates!
Lake Champlain Chocolates

Cindy Brown | Atlanta Wedding Photographer said...

Worth trying to build a blog following just to get a free box of chocolates ... from Vermont, no less!

Kristina-Northampton-Amherst-MA-Weddings said...

Who could ever resist the sumptuous feeling of eating chocolates. The box is so simple yet attractive. I hope I could say something about the chocolates to, if only you could send me some.

DIY Wedding Invitations said...

hmmmmm CHOCOLATES <3

Natasha said...

Thanks a lot. There goes my diet! :( just kidding :)

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