Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday's Question: Your Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping Solutions

I've been loving the feedback so far on the "Saturday's Questions." Thank you for taking the time to leave your own comments and input.

Have you ever used newspaper, magazine tear outs, or old fabric remnants to wrap your gifts? What's your favorite eco-friendly holiday wrapping solution?

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Marilee said...

A few years ago I bought a few yards of christmas fabric and made a bunch of very simple draw string gift bags of various sizes. Our close friends our family shares Christmas with started the tradition. We save our bags and re-use them every year. Sometimes the bag is part of the gift, sometimes it's not- just depends on our supply. I love having the beautiful fabrics with ribbon draw strings under my tree every year. I also keep re-usable paper gift bags and boxes, I don't think I've purchased wrapping paper in a decade!

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