Thursday, November 18, 2010

RePost: Bye Bye to Big and Poofy!

...and hello to sweet and sexy!

There isn't anything particularly earth-friendly about these dresses, I just like to see brides embrace their own style.

Photo credits from top to bottom:
1st photo: Found via A Cup of Jo - Samuelle Couture
2nd photo: Found via Style Me Pretty , photographer Dustin Todd
3rd photo: Elisabeth Millay
4th Photo: Jessamyn Harris


AEG said...

I love the second one! The others say "nightgown" to me not "wedding gown". Maybe you can consider them earth friendly because they use less material???

Jennifer said...

That's a great point! They definitely do have less fabric than some of those gigantic ball gowns. And I never really thought about it before, but they do seem a little nightgown-ish, don't they?

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