Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zombie Bride

Now that Halloween is fast approaching, I thought it only appropriate to give you tales of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. Or at the very least, my very own roadside zombie sign.

On the way to the Apple Festival and stopped at a stop sign, my husband and I saw a small homemade sign stuck in the ground that read, "Zombie Shoot Ahead!" And the name of a gun club was listed beneath it. I immediately got a "28 Days Later" kind of picture in my head of gun-toting rednecks chasing real life, I mean real dead, zombies. Upon seeing it, my husband responds in a concerned tone with, "Hey! Zombies have rights too."

I came home and googled "Zombie Shoot" and it seems to be some type of themed shoot that gun ranges take part in. Not sure what I was expecting, but that's much less exciting than the real un-dead walking our streets. On second thought, scratch that. Apparently I didn't learn anything from I Am Legend.

So what do zombies have to do with weddings or eco-friendly anything? Nothing really, unless you are a zombie freak. In which case, you can visit this dude, who is apparently a kick-ass zombie illustrator, and he will paint your portrait and make you look all dead and gory and stuff. (Found the zombie dude via Offbeat Bride.)

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Wow, love the great idea of zombie picture wedding..

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