Monday, October 25, 2010

Healthy Monday: How To Keep a Cold Away

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Not too long ago I had the worst cold in the world. I was taking care of a six week old and since I was nursing, most meds were off limits. I thought I was dying. I started making hypothetical deals with myself: would I rather have this cold or go through childbirth again? Surprisingly, that was a tough question to answer.

As a mom, having a cold is a pain in the butt, but having a cold as a bride or wedding planner would probably be worse. So I've adapted these six steps from Reader's Digest, "The ABC's of Cold and Flu Prevention" to help keep you in tip toppy shape!

1. Don't shake hands!

The article actually suggests giving a peck on the cheek or a "manly hug" instead of a hand shake, but those seem just as bad if you ask me. (If you're in a business situation, this might be rather awkward. Instead, try one of these hook hands. Then when someone wants to shake your hand, just hold out your hook and shrug. hehe, told you about my twisted humor.)

2. Zap Those Sponges!
My husband has this things about sponges - you always have to squeeze out the water to keep it less germy. He minored in Hospitality in college and for some reason that's one nugget of knowledge he really held onto (that and the fact that most leftovers can't stay out of the fridge for more than four hours). However, you can also zap it in the microwave for two minutes a day. Just make sure it's a damp sponge, otherwise it's a fire risk.

3. Get Some Exercise!
In my opinion, overdoing exercise can actually harm your immune system, so don't push your limits unless you know you can handle it. But a walk around the neighborhood or even some light housework can be helpful.

4. Disinfect Your Home!
That television remote could be littered with germs! And so could the door handles, light switches, and countertops. Eeewww. Use your favorite eco-friendly disinfectant or make your own.

5. Eat Well and Sleep!
Eating well is kind of a no-brainer. After all, the saying isn't, "a candy bar a day keeps the doctor away." However, healthy eating coupled with seven hours of sleep a night (hah! when will I experience that again!?) can make you less vulnerable to germs.

6. Go Heavy on the Garlic!
In one study, volunteers who took garlic supplements for 90 days during the winter came down with less colds than those who took placebos. Out of 146 people, only 24 of the garlic takers got colds, compared to 65 of the placebo takers.


Unknown said...

Brilliant advice my dear, thanks!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Smiling Green Mom said...

Great tips! Our family tries to do things as naturally as possible and I definitely think that one of the best ways to treat a cold is by preventing it in the first place :) We do some of these things - didn't know that about the garlic tho. We actually take our daily probiotic from Vidazorb that has really helped us already. Thanks again for the tips.

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