Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Georgia Apple Festival

Hubby and I brought the munchkin along to the Elijay Apple Festival last weekend. For some reason, I was expecting more apples and more apple related thingamajigs. They had camel rides, which was kind of weird, and lots of food and drink, such as $6 homemade root beer that I wanted to try but didn't because I am too cheap. I did try the cider though and it was delicious. There were also many arts and craft-ish types of vendors. My favorite was by far Going Green Lanterns, a group that creates lanterns out of old wine and liquor bottles, which they collect from friends and find at the local recycling center. I even got myself one!


wedding invitation kits said...

I love the going green lanterns. Very cool looking. Love the "too cheap to try $6.00 root beer". Somehow I have to agree with you on that one.

Jennifer said...

Aren't they great! Hah! Glad you agree with me about the root beer. The $2.00 cider was enough to make me happy. :)

Austin Weddings said...

I'm in love with those bottle lanterns! Each has an organic/rustic feel to it! - Rachel

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Great post on our lanterns !!! The pictures are great!

Going Green Lanterns

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