Friday, January 23, 2009


If you're willing to scour antique and thrift stores for a whole year, you might just be lucky enough to amass a collection of vases and vessels as nice as Kristina's from Lovely Morning.

And then if you have a lot of patience and diligence, you might just be able to create a very unique set of succulent centerpieces for your own wedding or event.

The best part? It's a lot more eco-friendly than importing flowers and as Kristina mentions in her blog, each of the little vessels make for great favors for your guests. Fortunately, succulents are pretty easy to maintain and hearty little fellers too. See how Kristina did it!



lovely collection :)

melissa said...

Succulents are my favorite! Beautiful.

christina said...

i love this post. these are gorgeous and a fantastic idea!

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