Monday, January 5, 2009

Healthy Monday: Convenience + Exercise

Making a resolution is easy. Sticking to it is a bit harder. But if you're resolution is to start working out - perhaps so you can tone up your arms for that fabulous strapless wedding dress - achieving that goal may be easier than you think. Light hand weights are a good option. You can also try the dreaded arm curling machine, but speaking from experience, that thing is hard, especially when you have itty bitty arm muscles. Not to mention it most likely requires a gym membership or a really sweet at-home gym. So in comes Banglez, which is a cute, stylish wearable weight, more convenient than working out with dumbells, they offer a way to integrate exercise throughout your entire day. They probably work best when supplemented with routine exercise, but the fact that they are perfect for the time-stretched woman is great, especially since wedding planning is a real time eater in itself.

On another note, this makes me laugh. I'm always afraid to try new weight machines at the gym because I'm almost certain this exact same thing will happen to me.

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Bad Kid Productions said...

I've got an exercise resolution underway, and I'm launching a new feature on my blog - From Flab to FAB! Check it out :)

Also, check out the green wedding giveaway that we're finalists in... details:

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