Wednesday, January 7, 2009

City Hall Wedding

Easier on the earth, easier on your budget, easier on your mind... Okay, so a city hall wedding isn't always easier on the earth, but at least it won't rob your wallet, And since you don't have to worry about chairs, flowers, decor, etc..., it's easier on the stress front too. What do you think? Would you get married at city hall? Do you want to get married at city hall, but feel pressure from family and friends to throw a big wedding?

Pictures found at Smitten.


Eco Yogini said...

although tempting with stress levels and budget to just elope- i gotta say that I'd prefer to have my family and friends present at my wedding.... and that it represent the momentous step of my fiancé and my declaration of our love and commitment. Also- my family is SO traditional that an eco-wedding is almost too much- the hurt feelings it would cause in both our families would not be worth it. Same actually goes for a destination wedding- my parents wouldn't be able to afford to go- and it would hurt their feelings tremendously.

Kristin said...

They look so in love! :)

Anonymous said...

at this point, it's becoming a consideration.

The Pissed Off Bride said...

We considered it. But, I wish it made for better pictures. All court houses are not created equal!

However,I did like Tiffany's (from I am Stylish) court house pre-wedding. She got married there before going away to have a destination wedding. It had lots of windows and made for nice pictures.

Honestly, if I could have just found some place to have a beautiful ceremony that would have done it for me. Some place pretty to put lots of flowers and walk down the aisle I would have done it! But of course I couldn't find that. So, we are having a "regular" wedding.

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