Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Friday

I'm posting these under the guise of being great eco-friendly gifts, but they aren't really - I just like them! With that said, they do have their planet happy upsides. For instance, they are on Etsy, which means you're supporting crafters or an individual artist, and it looks like they're printed in small numbers on a high quality inkjet, a more earth friendly alternative to mass commercial printing. Of course, one of these would still make a great gift...perhaps I'll get one from me! HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! ONLY 3 1/2 WEEKS TILL NEW YEARS!


MixMingleGlow said...

how is it possible to read a couple of sweet, quotes and literally feel a tug at your heart? "A bird with a french fry"??? I mean, COME ON...just delightful. I would like a tshirt with the Bob Dylan quote.
(oh, and I stopped by to tell you that I posted something today and the whole time was thinking of YOU!). :)
Happy Friday to ya girlie!

Bad Kid Productions said...

Those are fanatastic. I especially love the bird/french fry one! Thanks :)

Anne K. Leete said...

I just bought the "If you want to know how much I love you, Count the waves" one as a wedding present for my surfer fiance. Perfect!! Thank you for the link!

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