Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sweet Little Centerpiece...

I was taking pictures today of my invitations and in the process I gathered up stuff I had around the house to use as "props" within the picture. Needless to say, my picture taking stills are muy pathetico, but I did manage to come up with this neat idea. The mug (which I got on sale from Anthropologie at $1.50!) had this flower pot shape to it, so I cut a long stem rose, used some river rocks I had for gardening and voila! A very green and very sweet little centerpiece which only took about 2 minutes to create!

And these are the pictures I took with my little point and shoot. On the bottom left picture...that's a saki bottle from a japanese restaurant. Visit to see these invites up close and personal. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's a cute centerpiece! My fiance and I decided to have lollipop "flowers" in small green terra cotta pots. We found a seller on Etsy who would custom make the all-natural lollipops. The pots were only $1 at any craft store and we can reuse the pots for flowers, seedlings etc and the lollipops double as favors.


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