Friday, March 14, 2008

Lucina Jewelry

Enjoy this post because it's the last one for jewelry week. Yes, I will be sad to see it go too. :(
But chin up! I'm concluding with Lucina Jewelry, the awesome online shop (which one reader previously mentioned in a comment). I've been a fan of Lucina for a while. Each of their pieces are handmade in Portland, Oregon, utilizing only fair trade gems, precious metals, and natural materials. By working with fair trade importers and partnering with artisan communities throughout the world, they are able to spread the economic benefits of commerce to those in war torn and impoverished countries.


Melissa DiStefano said...

Uooohhhh! So pretty! Way to finish on a high note! :)

Anonymous said...

It's so sweet ;)

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

OOOh that red bracelet i want that as a gift...soon! : )

P.S. Hi Jen : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

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