Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lauren Wimmer

The past two days, we covered two different styles of jewelry: alternative and funky with the handcrafted collection of Jelena Behrend Studio and the responsibly made collection of Dawes Design, whose style evokes more of a glamorous feel to it.

Today we explore the fun and flirty style of Lauren Wimmer! I love the color she infuses into each piece, along with her ability to be so creative and find ways to marry two completely different elements. The picture below shows vintage african glass trade beads adorned with a bee charm.
All of Lauren's pieces are made by hand in her Manhattan studio. Handmade or handcrafted is always more environmentally friendly than something made by an energy hungry machine or worse, in a sweat shop somewhere overseas.


Kathryn said...

I love that first piece with the bee charm - so cheerful!

Jennifer said...

You are so right Kathryn! I love the color yellow simply because it is such a "cheerful" color!

Free Sample Resume said...

I like the bracelet, looks simple & nice!

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Melissa DiStefano said...

Love, love, love - that bracelet!!! Jewelry Week is my new favorite week!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Melissa! I've just been collecting so many great earth friendly jewelry links that I figured it was time to finally share them all!

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