Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eclectic mix of repurposed fun!

I love nothing more than to take something old and make it new again. So today we're exploring an eclectic mix of repurposed, recycled, and vintage jewelry.

In the picture above, earrings were made by preserving ordinary dictionary text under resin and placing under a vintage brass birdie. (Found at Foundling.) Below is a colorful assortment of other designer's ideas and pieces. It's really great to see such ingenuity: an old scrabble tile turned into a ring, a child's puzzle piece fashioned into a necklace, and vintage chains take on a whole new life when paired with different pendants.

Top Left, Scrabble Tile: Found and Made, ::: Top Right, Vintage Chain and bird pendant: Bazaar Latino, ::: Middle Left, Vintage Glass Button in Antique Setting: Ornamental Things, ::: Middle, Owl Earrings: Sprout Studio, ::: Bottom Left, Renew Necklace: Sprout Studio ::: Bottom Right, Puzzle Necklace: Button Envy


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and touching, especially the 1st picture.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Angel! I think it's a lovely photo as well!

Anonymous said...

I like the necklace with the three lovely birds as a pendant. Same with the puzzle necklace. All the design are unique

Anonymous said...

Lovely pieces.

Here is a tutorial I found for making similar pieces:

Jennifer said...

Thank you Jessica for the link to the tutorial!

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