Monday, January 14, 2008

Unique uses for everyday items!

Peas and Candles? Milk Jugs and flowers? Picture Frames and Boxes!? Sounds like something you might find at the grocery store, right? Think again! Incorporating everyday items into your wedding isn't as difficult as it may seem. In the top left picture above, candles are placed in oversized candle holders on top of peas! In the bottom left, the bride used milk jugs from her father's dairy farm as vases. In the top right picture, flowers were placed in boxes and tins and in the bottom right, the bride's mother decorated picture frames with a western theme and used them as table numbers! Pretty nifty, eh?

On a personal note, I absolutely love finding new uses for old items. I get to exercise my earth friendly skills and my creative skills at the same time! I use an old ikea storage box as a recycling bin, i have a jelly jar which I cleaned out and now use as a pencil holder, and I recently took an old stretched canvas (for painting) and covered it with fabric to create a modern wall hanging!

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Johannah said...

Wanted to say I love this blog. And share my own recycled beauties:

I make glass lantern out of old glass jars.

It is so satisfying to make something beautiful out of something that would otherwise be discarded.


Lisa said...

Hi Jen,
Mmmm, love the ideas! I used things from our home (or bought things that would later be used in our home or garden) for our wedding and encourage my clients to do the same.

By the way, check out my blog today, did you know Earth Friendly Weddings is listed on the new Real Simple Weddings blog as a favourite? Yay for you!

Jennifer said...

Love your lanters Johannah! What a creative and beautiful idea!

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