Monday, October 15, 2007

Zero Waste Tip #2: Choosing Invitations

So after you've set the date, found the venue, and established an approximate number of invitees, you'll have to send an invite to let your guests know about your wedding. The best zero waste invitation is sent by e-mail (also an excellent save the date option). Zero stamps, zero paper, zero postal cargo...the only energy involved is the one used by the computer (and your brain). If you're concerned that guests will guffaw at the idea, consider explaining your zero waste goal in the invite. Let them know a little about it and how much it means to you and your husband-to-be. People usually want to do the environmentally responsible thing and chances are, they'll want to help you accomplish your goal. And nowadays, guests can even respond online. Many wedding websites offer the online reply option, including, which is free!

As great as the internet is, even the most progressive of us know that e-mail wedding invitations are still a ways off from being considered a desirable option. Not to mention that many of us have relatives who still think "the e-mail" is some form of rocket science. So the next best thing is plantable invitations, such as the ones from Botanical Paperworks, pictured above. Plantable invites are just what they sound like; they are embedded with seeds so that when you plant them, the seeds grow and out pop beautiful wildflowers. This is usually a more viable, and formal, option for many brides because it allows their guests to contribute to their zero waste wedding in a more enjoyable and unique way, as opposed to an e-mail.

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Greenvelope said...

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