Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Earth Friendly Jewelry and Wedding/Engagement Rings

What's that rustling over there in that little corner of the Internet? Conflict free diamonds, fair trade sapphires, and recycled gold...OH MY! This is Brilliant Earth, and it's one of those sites that every woman, not just brides, should check out. First off, their website is great! Chock full of beautiful photography and useful information, it's a delight to the eyes! Secondly, Brilliant Earth gives much credit to their socially conscious claim by describing in detail what they've done to assure their products are conflict free and fairly traded. Thirdly, they have some really beautiful jewelry and wedding/engagement rings!

They offer custom designed jewelry (pictured above in the top row), as well as predesigned bands as well (pictured in the bottom row.) Their exclusively Canadian diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free because they are able track them from the earth to your hands. They also offer fairly traded Sapphire's by partnering with a family owned mine in Australia. You can read more about their eco friendly efforts by clicking here.

And this closing line is courtesy of my husband: "As archaeologists would say, these diamonds are a rare find!"

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