Thursday, August 9, 2007

Handmade Wedding Guest books!

Who said guest books have to be boring? I found these adorable handmade books at the etsy store, Nightjar Books. These books are made with chiyogami papers, vintage book covers, and reclaimed and reused book boards. I had to look chiyogami up, so if you're wondering, here's what it means: "A highly decorative printed paper used for craft purposes. It was originally printed with wood blocks but now other printing methods such as silk screen are used. Many of the traditional designs can be traced back to the Edo period." Pretty cool, right! I want one of these books just to sketch and make notes in.


nadine said...

hi! i love your site! i'm a bride-to-be based in the philippines, and looking for neat ideas for my december 2007 wedding. thanks for all your effort to promote earth care!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear my site is helping with your wedding planning!

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