Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Earth Friendly Favors!

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Tiny picture frames, keyrings, and luggage tags are all cute ideas for wedding favors, but just how earth friendly are they? You could argue they are sustainable given their ability to continue on to the future, but that's assuming your guests don't throw it in the trash. Some of my favorite earth friendly favor ideas are seeded paper and wildflower seeds! Check out the Bucket of Love, from Botanical Paperworks, a white tin filled with wildflower seeded paper in the shape of a flower. Encourage your guests to plant them in their own yard or garden. Botanical Paperworks is a maker and seller of handmade paper, invitations, and stationary, so check out their wedding invitations too!

1 comment:

Lindsay H. said...

i love the flower-shaped ones with the hearts in them! adorable XDE

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